Special Events

Event Management

Wedding planners Goa offers superior event management services for the corporate and private markets, which enable organizations and individuals, stay in control of the changes and needs in today’s competitive dynamic business and ever challenging social environment. we manage all aspects of event production, from concept to realization. we provide innovative and stylish design as well as cutting-edge catering solutions for all events.

Wedding Planners Goa have all the vital ingredients for a sophisticated, glamorous and successful event. with experienced staff in organizing events and parties, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression with your guests. At Wedding Planners Goa, we deliver a portfolio of exceptional services, which comprise:

– state of the art conference management
– weddings that turn fantasies into reality
– innovative party concepts
– fabulous fashion shows
– spectacular and memorable concerts
– original and imaginative product launches

we have a great understanding of the India, its cultures, values and business practices. our track record combined with our professional expertise and know-how account for our continued success.

Product Launches

Introducing a new product or service can have a direct influence on your product marketability and positioning. the schematic nature of branding process can create a distinctive image or scar a brand or product’s reputation. we will work closely with your team to design, plan and execute captivate and inspiring launches that deliver maximum impact.

we will ensure the smooth running and effectiveness of your product launch by assisting with or providing:

– advertising
– brand awareness
– guest speakers
– invites
– media coverage
– music
– photography
– special effects
– theming and styling
– venue sourcing

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. our product launch event management skills will ensure your event, whatever the scale, is a runaway success.

Fashion Shows

fashionRelax and enjoy the show. whether it’s haute couture or pret-a-porter, we take your business seriously because we know you do too. our understanding of the importance of these events to your business will only enhance our commitment to making these shows a success. your events management can help you with every detail making your show a success story. our contribution includes advising on and assisting with:

– goodie bags
– guest list
– guest speakers
– invites
– lighting
– makeup artists
– models
– photography
– seating arrangements
– sponsorship
– stage design
– venues

Private Parties

Whether it is a dinner party, birthday, graduation or anniversary, our commitment to quality will ensure your special occasion will be a memorable one and ever lasting. from your first call, our party coordinators will guide you effortlessly through the labyrinth of discussing all aspects relating to your event

– entertainment
– flowers
– menu and service
– party boxes
– personalized invites
– the perfect theme
– valet parking
– venue

a blend of good food, great company and sparkling service is what makes a party memorable.

we take your idea of a dream party and make the reality even better.


Rarely will a company have the opportunity to address and inspire the entire workforce or customer base. Conferences are one of the most effective communication tools in relaying a business message to your customers or work force. An effective conference can lead to extensive sales opportunities. it gives your existing and potential customers a chance to interact with key personnel in your business thereby resolving issues and promoting excellent customer care.

Wedding Planners Goa can manage your conference from the initial conception through to completion, ensuring that your only concern on the day is delivering your speech. we will ensure the smooth running and effectiveness of your conference by assisting with or providing:

– accommodation management
– audio visual and presentation support
– brand creation
– delegate management
– guest speakers
– on site event management
– production of badges, signage and delegate notebooks
– selective venue finding

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