Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation card - First Impression of Your wedding

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of the magnificent wedding day you are planning. A unique wedding invitation, custom designed by you, lets your friends and family know just how special that day will be. Wedding invitation cards that you create is a reflection of your dreams that you have so long cherished about your wedding. The drape of the ribbon, the fine texture of the paper, the luminous colors, the crisp type; each detail of your unique wedding invitation express your intention. We offer you the finest papers and ribbons from around the world and employ superior printing techniques for an unmatched wedding invitation.

Tips from Wedding Planners Goa - Choose Your Wedding cards.

Choosing your wedding invitations can be downright overwhelming. Thousands of choices are available in the invitation books of stationers for you to review. Before you decide haphazardly on any old invitation, keep in mind the following very important aspects:

Wedding Venue

The site, setting and theme of your wedding should have an impact on the invitation you choose. Your invitation is meant to give your guests a feel for the theme of your upcoming nuptials. Many brides will design their wedding invitations in the colors of their bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. For example, if you were planning to be married on Valentine’s Day you might choose invitations with a heart or cupid motif. Alternatively, if you were marrying at an informal luau wedding you might choose fun, Hawaiian-theme invitations. Deciding on your wedding’s style or theme beforehand will enable you to narrow down the choices of your wedding invitations. Remember,that a separate reception card should be included with your invitation if the reception will be held at a different location than the ceremony. A separate reception card is also required if only some guests are invited to the wedding reception. A separate map with directions should also be included to both the ceremony and reception sites.

Informal or Formal Wedding

In addition to the theme of your wedding, the formality of your wedding should also impact your invitation. For example, an intimate evening cocktail wedding and reception in your backyard will mean a simple, personalized invitation. While a formal church wedding and sit-down reception dinner will mean a traditionally engraved invitation with custom detailing.

Personal Touches

Your wedding invitation should most importantly reflect of your style as a couple. Many brides hire a wedding invitation designer to customize every aspect of their invitations; while more creative couples will make their own invitations with the help of arts and crafts stores, do-it-yourself invitation kits and stationary software that can be made right on your home computer.

Reply Cards

A small, separate card and a stamped, self-addressed envelope should also be included as they will prove helpful for arranging your guest list and catering.


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