Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is important for various reasons. First, It freezes those beautiful moments for you which you can cherish again and again in future and secondly, it gives a perfect presentation to those who for some reason could not attend your wedding. Your wedding album speaks volume about your wedding and it keeps your special day intact for time to come. Therefore we take utmost care while choosing the right photographer for your wedding.

We believe that photographs are memories they can hold in your hand and actually see. Couples want to ensure someone with expertise, creativity, and experience handles these moments and we provide photographer with all these qualities.

Why a Professional Photographer?

While it may be tempting to entrust a friend or relative with the task of taking photographs at the wedding, most professionals agree this is a mistake. It may save a little money, but it won’t get a professional-quality product at the end. And remember—this is forever!
"Professional photographers are always learning new techniques and updating their equipment to give their clients the best photos possible," explains our expert. "A professional is trained in lighting, posing, composition, and making sure no detail is overlooked."
Besides having a trained eye, an expert photographer also has the most current equipment, and it’s professional equipment, too. He or she uses professional grade film and has the film developed at a high-quality lab. This ensures the best-quality photos.
"Anyone can take a picture," our expert points out, "but only a professional can produce portraits."

How do we Choose a Photographer

We do a lot of research before choosing a photographer. We decide on the style of wedding photographs, how long you want the photographer to be at the wedding, and how much you can spend before calling photographers. The most important thing is the style and quality of the photographer’s work , then the personality of the photographer given the fact that he or she will be around all day long—couples want someone enjoyable and helpful, not abrasive and pushy.

A photographer is a wedding expert, with plenty of experience for a bride and groom to call on.

Photographic Styles and Choices

Creativity is key in today’s wedding photography. We tell you about what is available and then help you choose which style suits you best.
The current trend is traditional black-and-white photos and an even mix of ‘photo-journalistic’-style photos. These are generally taken from a distance so the subject is unaware and does not pose, creating a more natural look with true emotions. Gone are the stiff poses of the early part of the 20th century. Outdoor photos with a touch of creativity are also very popular. The creativity can encompass something like a bride and groom sitting or laying in the grass. To cut the time between ceremony and reception, many couples choose to have photos taken before the ceremony. But if they’re more traditional and don’t want the groom to catch sight of the bride then, the our photographer is willing to work around that desire. It’s still possible to cut time by taking photos of sets of people (bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, families, etc.) ahead of time. Our professional photographer will help make decisions about photographic style, poses, and even who should be photographed when.

Trust our professionals in this field to give you the best wedding photographers from Goa who will never disappoint you.

We offer custom made portrait to the bridal couple. Our concept of Wedding album is quite contemporary. Exquisite handmade slip-ins as well as auto stick albums are especially designed to match the theme of your wedding.

And again as a valued customer of wedding planners Goa, we offer you all these facilities at a very competitive price.

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