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Why a Professional Wedding Make up Artist?

beautyUnlike other occasions, a wedding day make-up is a delicate balance between looking beautiful on the day, fabulous in photographs and lasting the duration! The natural excitement of the day, heat from your gown, and all the hugs and kisses from friends and family can leave you with a less than picture perfect face. Special consideration is required for any black & white photography. What seems like a flattering shade of berry lipstick face to face, can leave you looking like “Elvira” in your photos. Take your shade too pale and you’ll look like a textbook case of “hypothermia”.

Another area that can be a minefield for the uninitiated, is color matching and contouring. With the correct product and skill, a professional Make-Up Artist can achieve uniformity to skin that may have uneven sun tan lines, changes in color from Solarium use, faux tan products, uneven pigmentation or blemishes.

Your Make-Up Artist should be experienced at balancing all these competing concerns, knows the tricks and the products to give you perfect results and this is where we come in to picture.

Basic Skin and Nail Care

A solid regimen of skin and nail care is the best way to get that ‘total look’ you are after. Our beauticians can offer a total skin and nail care plan. This sometimes mean regular facials starting two months before the wedding. We can provide weekly manicures approximately 8 weeks before the wedding. Well kept nails are stronger and more likely not to break.

For the Wedding ceremony

First our professional considers if the wedding ceremony in during the day or night. Lighter more natural make up is given for daytime with more dramatic looks saved for the evening. Our make up artists even consider if the ceremony inside or outside as lighting plays an important part in the choice of the make up application. We even provide touch up your make up if required?

Make up Brands

We request you to Mention if you have any skin problems eg sensitive skin or allergies. We choose colors for your make up that compliment your wedding gown and flowers. We often advise Warm neutral tones which creates a natural look.

Hairdresser in Goa

Wedding Planners in Goa provide the best professional hairdressers on your wedding day. Our hairdressers always use clean equipments. They interact with you by asking about your wedding gowns, etc. This interaction helps them to understand the color and theme better and they start suggesting different hair styles for you. They give you advice on your hair, not just the styles for your wedding but on hair care, as well as cutting and coloring advice. Our Hairdressers are always punctual. We know that you need your stylist to be running on time on your wedding day.

Our hairdressers always start with the bridesmaids making sure that a good communication is maintained to allow for changes in the hairstyles as they go. The bride is done last or near to last to make sure that she looks fresh.

Pre-wedding cut / colour

Your Pre-wedding cut is always done by the hairdresser who is going to do your hair on the day of wedding. This takes away any chance of the hair being cut too short, and the hairdresser having difficulties with the style on the day. Any co lour work is done anywhere from one to two weeks before the wedding. Style and co lour changes are not recommended just before the wedding, and definitely not on the day.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the person who is doing your hair and make up. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so you have to start it being relaxed and well prepared.

We have got them all

Some of the renowned personalities in this field work with us to deliver the best effect to your wedding team. We provide make up for the entire bridal entourage. we provide Mehndi session, special Spa session, Hair treatment, Facials and aroma session as a part of wedding package. Wedding Planners Goa uses safe make up instruments free from any side effects and ensures prevention from any kind of injuries to your face or body. Our skilled professionals even stay with the bridal team till the reception to make sure you dazzle with glory all the time.

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